From pannier to flight bag in under 2 minutes.


FLIGHTRIDER is a uniquely designed set of rear-panniers that quickly and easily convert into a bike bag, allowing you to spend every possible moment of your trip in the saddle. Perfect for intrepid cycle-tour adventurers and all travellers who fly and ride their own bike.

In pannier mode the pair uses hardwearing 1000 denier Cordura. Available in many colours, this material is a polyurethane coated nylon, making it waterproof and resistant to abrasion. The liner is a lighter weight version of the Cordura. Carefully positioned straps and hooks allow the panniers to operate like a conventional touring pannier. When the need arises, (usually at the airport) the panniers dismount, unzip, and join together to form a padded bike bag.


The FLIGHTRIDER kit is supplied with two ultra lightweight ripstop bags which take the tourer’s kit which would have been stored in the panniers - typically stored in the bike bag along with the bike in the ‘plane’s cargohold. Lightweight ripstop wheel bags are also supplied with the FLIGHTRIDER.

During prototype use, as well as providing a single-product answer to transporting a bike on a ‘plane, the FLIGHTRIDER streamlined the overall airport ‘experience’ and removed a good deal of aggro associated with packing & stowing a bike.


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